Sell Your Ship

To sell your ship please fill in the following form first and get ready the following documents

List of Documents

1) Legal bill of sale ( Stating that the vessel is free from all encumbrances and maritime liens or any other depts whatsoever, dully appoved by the aouthorities)

2) Certificate of ownership (issued by the competent authorities of the flag state of the vessel)

3) Certificate stating that the vessel is free from registered encumbrances

4) Commercial invoices (3 copies signed and stamped by the sellers )

5) Certificate of deletion

6) Deratizitation certificate

7) Sailing permit for single voyage

8) Towage certificate

9) Bill of landing (3 copies) Issued By The Vessel Agent and signed and stamped by the master tugboat

10) Manifest of cargo (5 copies ) (Issued and signed and stamped by vessel agent

11) Freight invoices (Issued by the towage company)

12) Insurance certificate

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